Through the Haze


During the first days, weeks and months with a new baby, life can feel like you are walking through a haze. So many new emotions, routines and, of course, the lack of sleep. One moment you are overflowing with love and joy as you gaze at your little miracle. In the next, you are sobbing as you fold and tuck away the last tiny NB sized onesie.

The days and nights start to melt together, while at the same time stands still every moment you are with your new love. Her big brown eyes look into your soul. She may not be able to talk, but you know her voice. And even through the haze, she is the most beautiful thing you have ever laid your eyes upon.

Lovely Nora, along with her parents Patrick and Rachel, met up with me at Charles Daley Park for a sun-kissed baby milestone session. Rachel took great care in selecting soft, neutral tones for their session. Doing so left the focus on their connection with and love for one another. Images telling the greatest love story of all time. The story of parents' love for their baby. And Nora is so, so loved.

Gray skirt from the Reflections of Life Studio Wardrobe.
White muslin blanket by Little Unicorn.