Watch Them Grow

Last month my beautiful little girl turned the big 1-0.  I can't believe how much time has passed since I held Lily in my arms for the first time. Her photo sessions have always been magical and this session was no exception. You simply must scroll down and see those gorgeous brown eyes, and those freckles!

It is amazing how fast babies grow right before our eyes. We see it in they giggle, as they sit up, as they discover their hands, and in how they grow just a little bit taller by the day. Before we know it, they’re running around our halls, throwing toys, finding out just how loud their voices can really get.

They are moving through clothes and shoes faster than we can count. Soon, they have that one toy they just can’t let go of, that teddy bear they love, that colour that is their favourite, that movie they can’t stop watching, that song they love to dance. Before we know it, they are being revealed for the beautiful treasure they are.

Lily is a beautiful and amazing treasure.

We get to see our kids move through every single stage of life. We get to see them snuggle deep against our chest, clasping onto our fingers. We get to see them discover how to crawl, how to walk, how to use their voices. We get to see them move through school and find those bold gifts that are inside of them. We get to see them get married, go to college, move out and find their passion. We get to see them on the hard days, the good days and the in-between days.

And isn’t it the most beautiful thing to just sit back and watch? To soak up these moments with our little loves and see the world through their eyes? To lose count of the memories and the stories that we have with their precious hearts?

It is a stunning thing to watch your baby grow. It is a brave thing to let them.