Feeding the Soul


We've talked about how we must never stop growing and pushing your limits, as it relates not only to life but to my experiences at the Illuminate Retreat in Fredricksburg, Texas. The Illuminate Retreat put on by the Motherhood Anthology was an experience that I will never forget. It helped me grow as an artist, it pushed me outside the comfort of my Reflections of Life studio, and it fed my soul. I was given the opportunity to bond with some of my favourite photographers friends from all over the world. Connect with them on a level beyond that of social media. Relax, eat, drink and enjoy one another's physical company. Connecting over photography, life, and womanhood. We strengthened our friendships, and just had a fabulous time together. 

Our souls crave human connection. A laugh with a good friend, a hug from a child, a caress from a significant other, nursing a baby. All of these connections feed our souls in different ways. One of the many reasons that I love family sessions is capturing those connections. We had a beautiful family to photograph at the Illuminate Retreat. Paired with a gorgeous evening, perfect light and an inspiring weekend, my soul was full.