Laughter of My Heart


Years down the road, when your little ones are grown, what do you want the sounds of your memories to be? The pitter patter of little feet, or maybe sweet sighs of "I love yous". Or maybe is the sound of laughter filling your home and your heart over the years! The giggles, the belly laughs and everything in between.

I had the pleasure of photographing this family recently. Aimee is my wonderful hair stylist. Together with her husband Steve, they have 3 beautiful daughters. We started the session at their home, followed by a quick outfit change and a trip to one of my favorite spots for outdoor sessions. A field down the road from my studio offers a pretty backdrop with perfect light as the sun goes down. With three young girls, you can imagine the fun we had during the session. Moments of goofiness, playfulness, and love. There was no shortage of smiles or snuggles. In my book, those are the ingredients for a perfect family session. 

When I have a family session, my goal is to capture the love, and all of the laughs. I want my clients to look back on these portraits over the years and instantly hear the laughter of their hearts.