What You Are is Beautiful


There is a difference between looking beautiful and feeling beautiful. We are all beautiful. Beautiful in our own way. There is beauty in life. But we do not always feel beautiful. Add in pregnancy and our changing, growing bodies and it can become even more difficult to feel beautiful. Unless, of course, you have a partner who makes sure that you always feel beautiful.

Dylan is one of those partners. Sue's maternity session was Dylan's idea. When he looks at Sue, all he sees is beautiful. And when Dylan looks at Sue, you can see how beautiful she feels. When it was time for Sue to stand alone, Dylan kept his distance but was also an encouraging force in the room. Together, their love is beautiful. Their love for one another, and their love for their unborn baby. When I look at these images, I not only see the beauty but I feel the love. Dylan, I am so glad that you brought Sue in for a maternity session so that she can see the beauty she feels when she is when she is in your embrace.