There You'll Be


For 9 long months, you carried your baby directly under your heart. The minute he entered the world you held him in your arms, and breathed in the moment. During the first weeks and months, you will hold your baby will spend most of his time on your chest or in your arms, as close to your heart as possible. But before you know it, your baby will be on the move. First rolling, then crawling, and then walking and running. With each milestone, the physical distance between your heart and your baby grows. So, as you start and end each day, hold your baby as close to your heart as you can. Soak in those sleepy snuggles and cherish those moments. And remember, no matter how far the baby you once carried directly under your heart travels from you, in your heart he'll always be.

This is my last share of images from the Illuminate Retreat by the Motherhood Anthology in Fredericksburg, Texas. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be uplifted and inspired by so many beautiful women. I am considering attending the next installment, next February in Florida, to continue my journey.