Life's Portraits


The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear the word "portrait" is a portrait of a person, or a portrait of a family. A formal photograph. But what about life's portraits? Is it the the collection of portraits throughout our lives, or is it something more? My wonderful clients come to me to help them document some of life's most important memories. Your pregnancies, the welcoming of your newborn baby, your baby's first year of life, your yearly family sessions. Snapshots, school yearbook pictures, and other pictures fill in the gaps. But together, all of these images create your life's portrait. My hope, for all of you, is that your life's portrait is full of love and laughter, a reflection of the life you lived.

Bryan and Allison recently came to the Reflections of Life studio for their newest family member's newborn session. Bryan is someone who fully understands and appreciates the importance of photographs as he is a  professional, and highly sought after, wedding photographer in the area. Bryan is not only an industry colleague of mine, but also a friend. It is always an honour when a friend allows me to capture their life's moments, but even more so when the friend is an extremely talented photographer. 

Big sister Ava is a darling, and a very proud and excited new sister. We had a wonderful time capturing the love and excitement that this family has as they welcome Benjamin to the family. Bryan and Allison have together created a beautiful life of love and laughter (and smiles, even Benjamin). I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to their life's portrait.