Creating A Meaningful Newborn Portrait Experience

I remember the studio was bright and welcoming that Friday afternoon. I prepared the room while listening to my favourite soundtrack from the movie Like Crazy. It was so calm and peaceful, and those feelings continued after this little bundle arrived.

Most people don't realize how much careful thought goes into creating the warm and inviting atmosphere of a newborn session here in the studio. What you see, smell, hear and feel are all part of the experience you have. What we talk about is part of what makes it personal, and it makes you feel connected to your baby. The images you receive afterward-they represent more than what you came here for. It's truly meaningful.

It's just like a painter placing the blank canvas on an easel, mixing paint colours and choosing the best brushes for my next creation. No two paintings are the same, and neither are two beautiful babies. 

Brooke Elizabeth was relaxed, content, yet curious at the same time, just taking it all in. She yawned and looked up at me with wide eyes, as a 10 day old baby does. She wiggled and moved, watched and listened. Her wild hair made me wonder about who she'll become, in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Brooke's mama, Jessica, looked so young and energetic for a mama of four. She was gracious and kind, excited to have her baby's portraits taken to be displayed on the hospital wall. Oh yes, Brooke's also the first baby born at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in 2017.  

Welcome to the world, Brooke. xo


"The minute you walk in from the busy street and into the studio you enter into a peaceful, calm environment. Right away Karen made me feel welcomed and relaxed. She handled my daughter very gently and confidently. She took her time to make sure my daughter was calm and relaxed before the camera was even taken out. This was my first experience with newborn photography and the environment Karen has created is as beautiful as the photos she captures!" - Jessica Rameder

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