Everything About You, Baby

I could write an entire blog post about that hair.

But the truth is, everything about you is wonderful. You are perfectly made, perfectly framed, perfectly put together.

The way your eyes gush with being captivated. The clasp of your little fingers around your daddy's. The rising and falling of your chest as you breathe. The slight grin of your lips and the way your toes wiggle when you’re excited. The softness of your cheek. The way you always want your tiny hands near your face. The perfect curve of your ears that will hear all the best songs. The weight of a life on purpose.

Babe, you are perfect. You are absolutely perfect.

There will be days where you won’t feel perfect. But you are. And there will be moments when you’ll wonder if you have what it takes. You do. And there will be hours when you’ll wonder if it matters. And it does. Because you do.

Everything about you is wonderful. Everything about you is perfectly put together. Everything about you is on purpose.

And you have two parents who love you so completely.



"This brought me to tears! Thank you so much for capturing my sons first few weeks in the world and the precious moments between my husband and I with our new son. Your work is beautiful and you have a great touch with handling newborns! I can't wait to hang the framed work on my walls in my home. Thank you again! - Janessa Martin"