Gentleness Is Beautiful

You know that feeling when someone is truly gentle with you? It is almost as if they are full of this peace and kindness that invites you to be yourself, to be okay with where you are in life and to just breathe deep because it is good.

Gentleness is something I strive for every single day in my parenting, my work, my play, and in my walk with God.

I can think of so many moments where God has been gentle with me. In the way that He most lovingly reminds me and speaks hope into me and nudges me in just the right way. In the way that He sings over me when I am afraid and puts people right there when I need them the most. The way in which He never gives up on me, never resorting to anger but always being so full of love.

I have learned gentleness from the way He loves and I think it is His gentleness that makes me gentle.

It allows me to be gentle with my children, in my work, in how I play, even allows me to be more gentle with myself. It is like this slowing down, this breathing deep, this kindness; this way of saying, “It’s good. It’s going to be good.”

Stephanie and her mama were so gentle with little Lincoln through every moment of his session, and I can tell this carries on at home. I've photographed all three of Stephanie's littles now, and she's been the same kind of mama through each one, patient and kind.  She has a huge heart for letting her children be themselves, all while showing them with her actions to lead little ones in the way they should go.

Let’s be those who learn gentleness and practice it every day.

Gentleness is powerful. Gentleness is beautiful.


"I have gone to Karen for all 3 of my kid's newborn pictures. Karen always does amazing work. The environment is so calming, soothing and clean. Karen is a special person that has a incredible talent at capturing a special moment in time, and it is something I will cherish for ever!" - Stephanie Smith