The Birth Of A Child Is Remarkable

The birth of a child is remarkable. It is remarkable in conception, in anticipation, in pregnancy and in their arrival. Like a breath in these seasons, it is almost like you can just feel it, like you just know it deep inside, “This is remarkable.” There almost seems to be this weighty sense of awe on us like, “Can you believe this?” As if somewhere along the line we were chosen and that brings such a sense of honour that we cannot contain it, we cannot fill it in jars and try to sell it, we can only receive it and be thankful.

Just look at the way Tanya & Wes admire their new baby girl, Frances, in these images. They're completely smitten, and rightfully so.

You never forget the moment when you find out you're pregnant and expecting. You never forget how your heart flutters just so. You never forget that feeling when, for the very first time, you tell your dad he's going to be a Grandpa while you playfully jab at him that he must be getting older. You don’t forget, you just can’t. The thick sense of what is coming and how you are doing everything and anything to prepare; it doesn’t just flood the months in waiting, it fills every single moment.

When they do arrive and they grace the planet with their sweet presence, your insides melt all at once. You’ve never been more proud and more honoured to love and care for this little life. The way their hair sticks up just so, how their eyelashes flutter, how their lips frown just slightly; you memorize every single detail. Because they are yours.

And as you hold them in your arms and you think of their unwritten future and untold story, how can you not dream big for them? How can you not ask a million questions? How can you not wonder what their life will be like? How can you not pray and whisper words of hope and promise over them? You cannot stop. Because greatness is held in these little bones and beautiful lungs and it is amazing.

And maybe the biggest thing that makes all of this remarkable is that they are here and they are perfect.