The Lullaby of Life

A lullaby. It quiets a cranky newborn, and calms a restless toddler. A lullaby is soothing and familiar. The familiar routines of life, whether in the morning, after work or before bed become the lullabies of life. 

I first met this wonderful family when I photographed Landon as a newborn a little over 2 years ago. It was a wonderful session, and quickly became one of my favorites. It was a beautiful session filled with love. So I knew that this session, for baby number 2, was going to be filled with even more love.

Landon is the carbon copy of this parents, Tim and Laura. He loves his new baby brother, Marcus, so deeply and unconditionally for the tender age of two year. It is obvious that he is following the example of Tim and Laura. Landon could not get enough of holding, loving and being close to Marcus. I predict that they will be the best of friends throughout life with an unbreakable bond with each other and their faith.

Tim plays the guitar so we not only incorporated it into Marcus' newborn session but included it in the video highlighting Marcus' session. The lullaby of this wonderful family's life is one of music, love and faith.