Baby Love


Days with a baby in the house are some of the best of days. The nights are long but the days are filled with giggles, smiles and lots of love. Every day is a day filled with wonder, new sights to see and new skills to master.

Babies have a way of bringing simplicity back to life. A wooden block brings so much joy and entertainment to little hands. A smile is met with a gum-filled smile back. And the amount of love shared is endless. Life is better with a baby in the house.

This family is a favourite of mine. I photographed big brother Gray as a newborn and baby, then mama while pregnant and Willow as a newborn. I was thrilled to hear the family was growing by one, and that I would have the honour of photographing the family once more. Willow is a model baby with full cheeks, bright eyes and a peach fuzz covered head. Willow's baby session was filled with all the best things of a baby love. I cannot wait to see this family again soon, and to capture more sweet memories of their life!

And Willow & Gray's cute little short film: