Sense of Wonder


Babies are amazing little humans. They have so much joy, love and wonder for everything around them. They are pure innocence and pure joy. Babies see things that we, as adults, can no longer see. 

The sense of wonder of a one year old is like no other. They see amazement in the simple. In the things we take for granted. A balloon floating above their head. Blocks that can be magically transformed into a tipsy tower.

Braxton came in to the Reflections of Life studio to celebrate his one year birthday. I am honoured to have been a part of his story since the very beginning, when he was still growing inside his mama's belly. I photographed him as a newborn, and we also had a lovely family session last Fall. 

At one year of age, Braxton is full of smiles. The kind of smiles that make you smile when you see them, and one full of tiny little teeth! He is so expressive, and filled with the purest of joy. Braxton loves his mama. Fiercely. Braxton is a curious little one, and examined every detail of the wooden blocks he was playing with. And, he has the cutest of baby tushes.

Happy First Birthday Braxton. My wish for you is that you never lose your sense of wonder.