The Story of Love


The story of love is one with many different main characters, settings and languages. But the central theme in every variation is love, sweet love. Each version is filled with laughter and smiles, kisses and snuggles. It is the story that warms your heart and touches your soul.  

This family is so full of love for one another. Jen and Darryl introduced beautiful baby Leah into their love story about 9 months ago. I was honoured to document their anxious wait for her during their maternity session. I was also able to capture all the feelings of a love so new when Leah was a newborn. They came back to the Reflections of Life studio to record the next chapter. The chapter where Leah still needs her mama and daddy to help her stand and to take those wobbly steps. In the blink of an eye she will be off. But for now, in this moment, Leah is her parents' baby in every sense of the word.

Leah is reserved, watching everything that is going on around her. She was interested in just what was going on with the woman behind the camera. Leah loves her parents deeply, and it is a love that is mutual. I look forward to documenting upcoming chapters in this lovely family's story of love.