In This Moment


My hope, my goal, for every family that I photograph is that I capture moments. Real moments. The kind of moments that when you look at the image, you can feel the emotional connection. The moments where they forget that my camera and I are even there. Beautiful, tender moments to the full of life, active moments. Each one the perfect reflection of your family, your love and your life.

A family portrait session with Reflections of Life Photography is much different than what most people envision when they think of family photos. It is fun, and filled with games and laughter. It is a time to connect with your loved ones without the worry of a To Do list and jam packed schedule. My hope is that it is something every member of the family walks away from with a smile on their face and a favorite memory. 

I, too, leave every session with memories and a full heart. Sarah and her boys, Ben, Landon and Jeremy, were a joy to photograph. Sarah is a small business owner, and the heart behind SD Designs. I love to support local small businesses whenever I am able, and Sarah creates all of my client gifts. Her teethers are not only perfect for little ones looking for something to soothe their gums but are absolutely darling.

I look forward to photographing the beautiful connection between this sweet family again in the future.

And this is a must see - their adorable short film.


"I have been getting so many messages about the pictures and of course I'm recommending you to everyone I know. Couldn't be happier with everything it was such a joy to work with you! You were able to capture our family in such a beautiful way so thankful for that. We're so in love with them can't even explain it:) Can't wait to share them with family!" -Sarah Dietz