Moments Like This


I am in the business of capturing moments. Our lives are made up of moments, and the best ones define us. They are the moments that make our hearts overflow with love and happiness. Those are the moments that I strive to capture during sessions. 

Loving, laughing, dancing and snuggling. Maxine, Stu and their beautiful daughters, Savannah and Lilah, shared all of those moments during their family session. I was the lucky one who was there to capture them. It is always a privilege to photograph these moments, especially when it is for a fellow photographer who has given me the same. You see, Maxine photographed me and my family last year at this very location. The images she captured are cherished by my family, and displayed in our living room. My only hope is that these images bring Maxine and her family just as much joy.

Maxine and Stu have created a beautiful family. Savvy and Lilah are sisters who have already started their journey of friendship. I know their closeness will continue to grow as they grow. Together they will create the moments that define a lifetime. I am so grateful I was able to capture some of those moments for them to always be able to look back on and smile.