There are so many reasons why I love photographing families. Togetherness is one of them. Families go through life together. The ups, the downs, the in betweens. Families help one another together. Families love each other, together. Families spend time together. 

At Reflections of Life, family sessions are about being together. They are about spending time together and creating memories. Together as a family, you grow taller, wiser, and older through the years. It is my privilege and honour to preserve your time together, year after year. My hope is that you will enjoy the images together for a lifetime.

This family is wonderful together. I have been lucky enough to get to know Titus and Joyce along with their three children, Jesse, Bradyn and Brooklyn through church. Together we did a family session last year, and I was thrilled to carry the tradition into this year. The children have grown a inches in height.

Jesse, the eldest, is independent and energetic.  He's always thinking of what he can do next.  Bradyn is funny and was able to bring out natural smiles from his family members. Brooklyn, the youngest and only girl, has a contagious smile, the sweetest voice you could imagine, and dances wherever she goes. Together, Titus, Joyce, Jesse, Bradyn and Brooklyn laughed and loved, and had a beautiful family session filled with a little chaos and a lot of memories.