All Is Calm


During pregnancy and leading up to the birth of your child, your life is filled with excitement, preparation, planning, anxiousness, and usually anything but calm. For first time parents, these emotions can be magnified even more because every step of the journey is unknown.

All of these emotions build up to that moment when your new baby is placed in your arms and suddenly a peace and calm washes over you. In an instant your heart is full. You are no longer anxious or worried about planning. You are 100%, completely in love. You are whole.

Nicole and Blaine recently welcomed their first child into their lives. Finnigan is already the center of their whole world. He is a dream baby, and his sessions flowed perfectly. The calm Nicole and Blaine felt in those first moments carried over into Finnigan's newborn session. The session was filled with gentle and loving moments between the new family of three, and there were plenty of smiles by all three. May the calm continue through their first holiday season as a family of three.

White swaddle blanket by the Little Unicorn.