Just Smile


A fresh, brand new baby has a way of making us smile. Holding a newborn cures the blues and washes away any worry. Newborns are reminders of all that is right and innocent in this crazy world. Completely perfect and each a living miracle we can actually hold in our arms. 

When a newborn flashes a sweet, sleepy smile, it creates an instant reaction. One of surprise. One of awe. Or one of giddiness. And it always creates a mirror image on every face that sees it. 

Darling baby Olivia was filled with sweet baby smiles. I was lucky enough to not only witness them but to preserve them forever. Her parents will be able to look back at them as she starts kindergarten, becomes a teenager, graduates high school, gets married, and just smile. Smile at the memories of their tiny, brand new baby and smile at the bright future ahead of her.

Olivia was a part of the Reflections of Life's program, A Star is Born. Partnering with West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, a portion of every A Star is Born session goes towards the current equipment needs of the hospital. To learn more about the program, click here