Room to Love


The moment you first lay your eyes on your first baby, in an instant, you discover a love like no other. You suddenly understand what you have heard your friends with children talk about, and have a new-found appreciation for your own parents.

From that moment on, your love somehow grows. With every passing moment, you love that tiny little person more than you did the moment before. Your heart is so full. 

When the time comes, your family of three prepares to become a family of four. You are excited and anxious to meet your newest love but you cannot help but wonder at times if you will love your new baby as much as your first. It seems impossible to be able to love another human as much as you love your first born. You may ask yourself if you could possibly have that much love to share.

Then that moment arrives. The moment you first lay your eyes on your second baby. You realize in that very instant that your heart has room to love this baby just as passionately and deeply as your first. And that, if the time comes, you will love a third, a fourth, or even a tenth just as much. You have room to love without limit because your babies are your heart.

I am so happy for Cynthia, Graydon, and little Gray as they welcome beautiful Willow into their hearts. I photographed Gray as a newborn and baby, and we had a lovely maternity session as the family waited for their newest member. Gray is a kind and gentle big brother already, and the love he has for his Willow is precious. I have so much adoration for this family, and it is a joy to capture their story.

Lace dress from the Reflections of Life Studio Wardrobe.
White muslin blanket by Little Unicorn.