Those Eyes

Niagara ON Newborn Photographer

This little peanut is a true gift, as she's the daughter of a cousin of my husband's.  Stephanie brought her brand new, lovely daughter to our Grimsby, Ontario studio to create some natural, organic images of little Violet.  We took our time with her, allowing for baby-led posing and simple timeless portraits.  My make up artist, Christine, assisted and she just adored being a part of something so pure.  Of course, the result was so incredibly beautiful, soft and a true reflection of Violet.

Stephanie had to hold back her tears as she looked down at her gorgeous new baby, who was wide awake.  Even at just a couple of weeks old, Violet is very strong, holding her tiny head up and making excellent eye contact.  I could tell she was born a little late as I mistook her for a 3-4 week old baby.  Those eyes, they're just so pretty and wide, so intelligent.

Have you ever looked down at a brand new baby and felt like they could really see you?  That's rare for me, as most of the babies I photograph are still cross-eyed, have a hard time focusing and are just 5-7 days new.  Violet sees everything.  She's curious already and I kept referring to her as "firecracker".  It's obvious that she's going to be someone awesome.

This is Violet's first professional session, but I hope to see her in the studio again as she learns to sit on her own, stand, walk, and even run.  She's such a blessing to the world. xo