Taking The Time To Be Genuine

How many images do you have of yourself and your family where you're all just sitting there, side by side, attempting smiles on your faces but your heart isn't really in it? One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is getting everyone in the right frame of mind, educating clients like you on what to expect when you get to the studio, and then helping you to forget the camera is there and just having a great time together as a family.

There was no sit still and smile in this natural light baby session, but more of a "let's have a seat here and see what happens." It wasn't rushed, but also it didn't take long, as I know just how to lead families in the direction we need to go. In my professional experience as a photographer, that's when the best images are taken.

That's not to say there isn't a lot of preparation done on my both of our parts, of course. Weeks prior to my photography appointments, we're planning wardrobe, make up, discovering your true vision for your session so that I can be sure to provide you with images that you love beyond measure. We're talking about printed products, where they're going to hang in your home, and feeling the soft pages of the album that will grace your coffee table.

It was a beautiful, sunny day here in the Grimsby, Ontario studio when I photographed this family. Little Emmett was completely in love with my camera, as you can see, or maybe it was me  :) It was rare that he wasn't looking in my direction. but with children it's so different. It's actually really hard for children to be fake, as they're naturally honest, and you can see everything they're feeling written on their little faces. And there is so much joy in these!

This was my second session with Kimberley and Emmett, and he's grown a whole lot since he was a newborn. One thing that hasn't changed is his sweet, calm nature though. He just loves to absorb everything about the world around him, taking it all in.


"Karen did an amazing job with our images. We decided to do a photo session to show how much my son had grown in a year, as Karen was his first photographer when he was first born. When we arrived my son didn't want to get photographed by himself right away, so we quickly moved to doing family pictures while he was comfortable. Later moving back to solo photographs once he became comfortable with his surroundings. She really takes her time with everyone to get the best image possible of everyone. You can really feel the love through the images." - Kimberley Young