Niagara Photographer | Do This When You're Not Feeling Good Enough

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We all have those days where we look in our mirror and we see the things we don't like, the flaws and the imperfections, the waist that's not small enough, the frame that's not tall enough, the eyes that are not blue enough.  

We hunt like thieves in the night for the things we can pick apart and steal a glance at as if in the tearing down, something gets better. But really, nothing ever gets better. We forget our beauty. We forget our strength. We forget the life that courses through our veins and makes us stunning.

We stop remembering those are the scars that gave us children. And that the wrinkles on our faces are from fits of laughter and memories had. And the weight on parts of our bodies that we might not like is actually from a life enjoyed.

And so what do we do when these days happen? What do we do when we feel not good enough?

We spend time with friends who know us inside out. We laugh until we can't breathe. We do something that we really love like cooking a new meal, going for a run or doing something creative. We have a new experience. We unplug digitally and experience real, face-to-face life. We spend time with our kids. We block out our mirrors. We whisper to ourselves that we are beautiful.

We stop seeing beauty as a measurement stick and we start seeing it as the condition of our hearts. And this, this makes all the difference.

Karen of Reflections of Life Photography is a Niagara Region newborn photographer located in Southern Ontario, also specializing in family, maternity and baby photography in Oakville and Toronto.