Niagara Photographer | The Anticipation of Spring

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There is something powerful about spring. The way it rushes into the winter and brings this tangible joy and lightheartedness that makes people want to dance in the streets. It is like when spring comes, we want to peel off all those layers, the coats and sweaters, that we've been carrying around all winter and just get lighter. Spring is anticipated likely more than any other season. Because of the harshness of winter that comes before it, it is like good news. It is a good story, it is the realization of something we've been waiting and longing for.

And sometimes that's exactly the level of anticipation that we feel as the little ones kick inside our bellies and we long to see their little faces and feel their little heartbeats against our own. We imagine them, we wait for them, we anticipate them and the day that they arrive in our world, it is like the brightest of suns pouring the greatest of lights into our lives.

It is the warmest of moments because they've finally come home.

And sometimes the journey before can be hard and harsh even. Maybe it takes longer than you ever wanted to conceive, maybe pregnancy carried its difficulties, maybe there were lives that had been lost and in the context of all that, the joy of receiving a life into your hands, is one that is unforgettable and truly sacred.

We know the beauty of spring because of the barrenness of winter.

We know the bliss of a new life because of the journey it took to get there.

Karen of Reflections of Life Photography is a Niagara Region newborn photographer located in Southern Ontario, also specializing in family, maternity and baby photography in Oakville and Toronto.