Do This When You Feel Impatient


Sometimes things just don't happen in the way that we want them to; they don't show up like what we hope for and sometimes they take longer than we ever wanted. There are some things in life we cannot control and we cannot just wake up one day and make happen. It can be frustrating to long for something that is not happening quite yet.

We've all been there. Maybe we're trying to get pregnant and are struggling to conceive. Maybe we are waiting for that answer on our prayers and it is not just coming. Maybe we want to be making more sales but even in our striving, the growth is not happening. Maybe we long to be married or promoted or made whole.

And so what do you do in that place? What do you do in the place where you feel impatient?

First, we pray and we wait and we know that He is God and we are not. Even in all our incredible efforts and amazing talent, there are things that only He can and come through with. And we can sit back and remember that He has this, He has us. He is a good Father. He knows us and He loves without measure.

Second, we stay in hope. It can be easy to get so frustrated that we become angry or distant with people around us or with God Himself. But wherever you're looking at your life and thinking, "it is difficult for me to have hope," you are believing something that isn't true. Because truth will create hope in your life. Find truth and you find hope.

Remember that you are loved in every spot, every place and every season. Remember to find the goodness of what is happening in your life today. Remember that you're going to be more than okay, you're going to be amazing.