How to Get Beautiful and Candid Pictures of Your Kids


Whether it is your iPhone, your cell, a point and shoot or a serious DSLR camera, you likely at different points try to capture beautiful images of your children. Maybe sometimes you try and pose them and it all goes haywire, but you have a desire to have images of your kids that you can be deeply proud of without hiring a 24/7 and live-in photographer.

Sometimes it can feel like the more pressure we put on getting a good image of our kids, the harder it can get. We just want it to be perfect and the more expectations we put there, the more difficult it becomes.

I believe that it is not about finding perfect images, but it is about capturing authentic ones and some of the best pictures you’ll ever take of your kids are the ones on accident.

You truly have such a unique perspective of your children as their Mama. And you can snap a two-second shot when they aren’t looking, but playing or when they are telling their stories with their wild hand movements and their big eyes.

Push them into their own element. Let them play. Let them create. Let them tell a story. Let them tell that corny joke. Let them do the things they every single day as you capture it.

There is a way that your children look at you, that they’ll never look that way at anyone else. You can capture that and you can celebrate that forever.

So grab whatever you use to get a quick snapshot of your kids and capture those beautiful moments that only you can.

And remember that it is always authenticity over perfection. Always.