The Secrets of Baby Happiness

Marianne was comfortable, beautiful and having a great time, but the look on her face when Carter and her boys arrived to join her at her pregnancy session here in the studio was sheer happiness. She is so gentle and kind, and yes, this new baby is going to bring a little more chaos to their lives, but also whole lot more happiness.

To you, maybe happiness is when all your kids are at home, the laundry is done and you can finally curl up with that good book. Maybe it's when you’re sitting with your husband on the couch after a long day. Perhaps happiness is a good conversation, or doing something you love. Maybe it is long walks, homemade cookies and snuggles. To you, maybe happiness is silence. Maybe it is the roaring of laughter or the sweet melody of music. Maybe it is something just in between.

To babies, happiness is when you walk into their rooms after the sun comes up, in the middle of the night or just after their nap. To babies, happiness is seeing your face and knowing that you’ll always come back and that you’ve never stopped.

To babies, happiness is bright colours and interesting noises. It is the way you scrunch your nose at them and sometimes they catch you singing and it makes them giggle. Happiness is knowing that when you look at them, they feel your love before you even say those three syllables.

To babies, happiness is getting to see and feel and discover new things. Every single thing and every single moment feels like such an adventure where the treasure just doesn’t stop. Happiness is feeling like it is just waiting for them to find it, to play with it, to see it. 

Happiness is the look on your face. Happiness is the way you hold your child. Happiness is knowing that when he or she gets a little bigger, you'll cheer for them. Happiness is that you’re here.

I can't wait until Marianne & Carter's little bundle arrives; until Ryder & Aidan get to hold him or her gently for the first time.

To babies, happiness is these moments.


"We have worked with Karen on several occasions and have yet to be disappointed. Karen has done an amazing job capturing our family as we are-we love how there are no artificial poses, just candid moments of our connections to one another. We have trusted Karen with newborn and one year photography collections of our children and family, as well as a recent maternity session. We are in love with every picture she has taken for us. We look forward to our upcoming newborn session with Karen- we know that we are going to cherish these pictures forever, like we do the others she has taken for us." -Marianne Dumont