Mama and Me


If you are a mama, you understand. You understand the pure, fierce, undying love for your children. If you are not yet a mother, I promise you this, the moment you hold your precious baby in your arms for the first time, you will understand. One of my greatest joys as a photographer is capturing the love between a mama and her babies. My hope for every mother is that she at least once has the chance to do a portrait session with her babies, no matter their age. They are images that will be forever cherished by not only you but your children.

As mothers, we do not always get to see the love between ourselves and our children. We feel the embrace, their little hands on either side of our face as they go in for a kiss. We feel the connection with every piece of our heart. But we do not get to see the look of content and peace in our children as they rest their head upon our chest. We do not get to see how beautiful we are as we hold our babies close and soak in the feeling.

A mama and baby session is the perfect way to capture the love and connection. Time spent bonding and playing with your child, making them comfortable in a new surrounding and just loving one another. Sabrina and Venus spent their session enjoying the one on one time together. Venus absolutely adores her beautiful mother, and quickly became acclimated with her new surroundings. She enjoyed the rocks and water, and taking in all the new sights. Venus is gorgeous like her mama with captivating big, blue eyes. Capturing Sabrina and Venus' connection and love was an absolute joy.  A big thank you to the Happy Baby Shop for sponsoring the gift of this session.

And their super cute short film is below. I just love the movement and connection between mama and baby in this video. Little Venus was quite shy in the beginning, but by the end of our session together she was having such a wonderful time. Truly a remarkable little person.