Learning the Ropes

When I started photographing this family they had just become three. They had welcomed their first baby into their lives and hearts, their son, Carter. As with all new parents, Alicia and Travis were still learning the ropes of being parents to a newborn, but completely in love with little Carter.

Our next session, the following year with the arrival of their daughter Jordan, Alicia and Travis were learning the ropes of being parents of two. A toddler and a newborn. Anyone who has been there knows all of the joys, and challenges, that come with it! Alicia and Travis handled it in stride.

About 2 years following the arrival of Jordan, I was able to help welcome little Wyatt to the family. Alicia and Travis were newborn pros by this time, juggling two toddlers and a newborn with ease. The whole family was overjoyed by the arrival of Wyatt.

I was beyond excited for the family's most recent session because it was the first maternity session we have done for Alicia. We met up at one of my favorite fields for an evening of magic and celebration. At this point in their journey, as they await the arrival of their fourth baby, Alicia and Travis are soaking in every second. They are enjoying this moment, and the last remaining moments as a family of 5. You can feel the excitement the whole family has for the new baby, it fills the air with laughter and squeals of joy. And, before they know it, they will be a family of 6.