Happiness In The Moments

What does happiness mean to you? Maybe it's pay day. Maybe it is when all your kids are at home. Maybe when you’re sitting with your husband on the couch after a long day. To you, maybe happiness is a good conversation. Maybe it is doing something you love. Maybe it is long walks and homemade cookies and a fantastic book. To you, maybe happiness is silence. Maybe it is the roaring of laughter or the sweet melody of a song. Maybe it is something just in between.

To a baby, happiness is when you walk into their room after the sun comes up or in the middle of the night or just after their nap. Happiness is seeing your face, knowing that you’ll always come and that you’ve never stopped.

To a baby, happiness is bright colours and interesting noises. It is the way you scrunch your nose at them, how they catch you singing and how it makes them giggle. Happiness is knowing that you love them before you even say those three syllables.

To a baby, happiness is getting to see and feel and discover new things. Every single thing and every single moment feels like such an adventure where the treasure just doesn’t stop. Happiness is feeling like it is just waiting for them to find it, to play with it, to see it.

Happiness is the look on your face. Happiness is the way you hold them. Happiness is how you cheer for them. Happiness is that you’re here.

To me, happiness is these moments. When I'm photographing a baby or family and I see genuine laughter, connection and play.