My Family Session Experience

Every year I get in front of a camera lens.

I do this for many reasons. I having my family documented and the connections we have to each other, I love to compare the portraits and see how much my children are growing.

But another big reason is because I love to feel what it's like to be YOU.

I NEED to remember what it's like to be part of the last minute wardrobe change because something's been spilled, to recall how easily I can forget to remove the nail polish from my daughter's nails because I'm caught up in parenting. I need to remember to be patient and calm with my kids even though inside I'm freaking out because they're not listening to me.

A few things I was reminded of this year:

  1. Lay out your outfits well in advance. This ensures the key pieces don't end up in the dirty laundry pile the day of the session
  2. Have a pep talk with your children the day before the session, so they know who's photographing them, and what the session will be like. Tell them we'll play games, get lots of cuddles, run and play while Karen photographs
  3. Ensure your kids have something to look forward to after the session. It could be a dance party on the way home in the minivan, a video clip of a favourite movie before bed, or in our case, donuts. :) 

This year I chose Professional Photographer Christine Hewitt. Her work is not only beautiful and real, but also meaningful and emotional. Together we took a trip down to the beach that we frequently visit, and she stayed for storytime and while we tucked in our little ones in our home. Here is our sneak peek, and I am so happy with the results!