Sands of Time


Like a never ending hour glass, life is constantly moving. Each moment building onto the next, creating the memories of our lives. At times, life seems to move so fast. School, work, schedules filled with so many things that it can be hard to keep track of it all. Moments spent as a family, just enjoying one another's company without anywhere else to be.    

Erin, Adam, Millicent and Marigold joined me for a beach family session recently so that we could make time stand still if even for an instant. This family is filled with so much love for one another, making documenting it easy. Together they laughed, loved, played games, twirled, collected sand and simply enjoyed one another's company as they explored the beach. All of the things a successful family session should be made up of. 

While you may never be able to stop the sands of time, you can preserve the connections, the love and the moments for all of time. I am honoured this family entrusted me to be their family photographer.