Through Their Eyes

niagara region newborn photographer

As parents, we are blessed to be able to see the world through the eyes of a child again. Every age and every stage brings a whole new way that our children look at the world around them. There is beauty and wonder all around us, and children have the wonderful ability to see it all.  

I have had the great privilege of photographing this family for six years. I have watched them grow in size and numbers. Each baby welcomed has filled one more piece of their family puzzle. Their newest love is Paisley. Her big brothers, Carter and Wyatt, and big sister, Jordan, are happy to give their Paisley lots of love. The big kids were wonderful and fun, and we were able to quickly get beautiful images with all four of them. The rest of the session was focused on beautiful Paisley. Every detail, every angle. We finished the session with some special moments with just mama and her newest babe.

Alicia and Travis have the best view of this beautiful, crazy life as they watch it through the eyes of Carter, Jordan, Wyatt and Paisley. And I am the lucky one to get to capture the beauty and wonder of this beautiful new family of six!