Oh What Fun!

If you are not having fun during your annual family portrait sessions, then, my friends, you are not doing it right! Fun is a must have during all Reflections of Life sessions. Fun brings out real emotion and expression, smiles and laughs. Fun creates the memories that we want to last a lifetime.

Those who know me well realize I'm all about being real. I've curated your family session experiences so they're full of fun games to play, no matter the age of your child. Whether it be through making up silly stories or pretending we're superheros, we simply play and capture real expressions because we're actually having a great time. Reviewing the images below I am still in awe of all the emotion we captured. I'm so happy we got together at the beach that fall day.

I have been photographing Jessica and Peter's family since John Andrew was a tiny newborn. Together we celebrated his first birthday and welcomed his baby sister into the family.

Most recently, I met up with them at the beach for a family session, and oh what fun we had! One of the favorite games we played was a story game. Each person would make up a line to a story and then pass it to the next person. John Andrew is an imaginative and funny little boy. We were all laughing from his stories, and how he kept playfully saying "Get out of here!" Sweet Nicholina took all of it in, I'm sure just waiting for her turn to join in the fun!

I look forward to seeing this sweet family again to capture more fun memories!