Perfectly Made, Perfectly Loved, Perfectly Known

Newborn baby girl with lots of hair.jpg

Baby girl, every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

Sometimes in my mind, I imagine God creating you. I imagine the love that blew out of His heart in every single step. That when He stepped down to breathe life into your lungs, He did it with a lump in His throat because of how much He was in love with you.

I imagine how He took His time as He crafted every single little toe and planted every hair on your head. I imagine that He sang songs over you as He created like every incredible creator does. I imagine that with every part of His fibre and every part of His being, He threw Himself into you.

Such wild love put into your tiny frame.

Baby girl – in the curve of a grin, the wiggling of your fingers, the arch of your eyebrows, I see love. In the shape of your spine, the softness of your cheeks, the grip of your hands upon my own, I see perfection. In the flutter of your giggle, the relief of your sigh, the intention of your cry, I see life.

Perfectly made. Perfectly loved. Perfectly known. That’s who you are right now. That’s who you will be forever.

I pray that every day you look in the mirror and see yourself exactly as you are. I pray that measuring tapes and scales never become a weapon against yourself. I pray that you are surrounded by those who treasure you for the beauty you are. I pray that your story, your voice, your heart are how you see you're gorgeous.

That every day, you’ll feel this soft hush against your skin and beat within your rib cage, that you were created magnificently.

And that when you smile, you reveal God.

About This Newborn Session

Welcome to the world, Alexandra. Enjoy every moment of being loved by your three siblings and wonderful parents, Catherine and Wade.

I've had the pleasure of photographing her brothers and sister as well! You'll find her brother Matthew's newborn session blog post and images here.