Photography For Mamas Workshop

The course that is going to teach you to how to use your camera, take photos you're proud of and document your family memories IS FINALLY HERE!

Let me ask you a question.

If I told you that I could explain how to use your DSLR to it's fullest and see your photographs improve because you had the knowledge to control it, would you be interested in that?

"It's not the camera, it's the artist using the camera that makes a great photo." This is partially true, but not completely. A good camera and lenses eliminates many of the obstacles, but it takes both a creative mind and deep knowledge of your gear (both things you can learn) to really make the photographs that will thrill you for a lifetime.

You're one step away from loving the images you take.

There's an online, watch anytime at your own pace course OR a live, hands on, in-person workshop that will walk you through it all.

There are also some awesome swag bags that await you if you purchase the live class.

I am passionate about teaching you this content. You'll even get to see before and afters from when I was learning how to use my DSLR. It's going to be awesome (and embarrassing for me, just sayin)!

"It may be crazy but I only ever used my camera in auto mode, I did not have the knowledge to use the other settings and the camera manual was no help! This course helped me through those settings in an easy to follow and visual way, I can finally get the pictures I want of my little boy! Thank you for helping to catch life's quick little moments!" - Jess Wasylin

What are you waiting for?