Planning Your Baby's Room

You’re expecting a little one and all the pieces are coming together for his or her room. Whether you’re still in the dreaming stage or you’re out there searching for the perfect pieces online and in stores, I’ve collected a variety of amazing nursery examples for you and you’ll find them on my Pinterest board called “For The Nursery“.

As you’re designing, I do have one request.  Please leave space on at least one wall for his or her newborn portraits.  As the saying goes, the days are long but the years are short and this time will soar by quick as lightening.  Let’s create a space that allows you to remember.

The gorgeous thing about having your newborn captured and leaving space for their portraits as you design their room is that you are celebrating their life. And as they grow older, they will look back and they will see how incredibly loved and valued they were in the anticipation of and their sweet arrival. That is such a beautiful gift we can give to our kids.

Enjoy every moment.  xo