Pure and Sweet

adorable little boy looks at the camera will mothers hair cover some of his face .jpg

The way the light kisses your face is so pure and sweet.

The way you follow my direction in the studio and look into the camera just so. All I can do is wonder what the world has in store for you, little man.

Such wonderful things.

You are so small and pure, and look up to everything in the world with such curiosity. You have such a bright presence about you, because you are living in your own imagination. Care free and ready to explore.

You have so much potential ahead of you. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The world is yours to discover. Never lose the childish curiosity you possess.

You look up at your mama with such appreciation. Without even understanding what she does for you, and how vast her love is for you. Whatever you chose, whoever you chose to be, she’ll be there to be your supporter.

I’m sure watching you grow has been such a blessing to her. Being able to be your guide in life is such an honour for her. The time has gone by too fast, it seems like just yesterday that you were small enough to fit your sweet bum in her hands.

You are capable of great things, such wonderful things. One day you will not be so small, but you will always be pure and sweet, to your mama.

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“It was such a beautiful morning. Getting my hair and makeup done and wearing one of your beautiful dresses made me feel very special. I look forward to seeing the photos and getting my necklace of Ethan’s toe print!” - Tracy Villeseche

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