Tangible Photography Products

We all have things that we cover our walls, bookshelves and coffee tables with. Maybe it is paintings that make us swoon or words that remind us of what we want for our future. Maybe it's magazines, novels or favourite movies. The most amazing thing that we get to fill our homes with are images captured when we’ve spent time with the ones we love the most.

There is this beautiful look that happens on the face of a person when they see someone they love. It is almost like there is fire hidden in their cheeks and behind their eyes, as if their entire being lights up with love and enthusiasm. That look is something that needs to be framed and celebrated and put on canvases and looked at every single day.

See the thing about covering walls in captured images of our families isn’t just that they are lovely to look at. But it is a celebration of who we are. It is a reminder of our love for one another. It is creating legacy that what we do in our home is connection.

It's also about increasing our children's confidence, reminding them of how proud we are of them, and feeling like our arms are wrapped around them in a hug, even when we may not all be there together at the same time. It's about feeling close to one another.

Just like the time you spend with your little ones, the quality artwork I create is made with a great deal of love and care.

Choose legacy. Choose connection. Choose celebration.