The Importance Of Family

Family is likely one of the most powerful forces in the entire world. And there are things about it that make it that way. Though for each of us, family is different; it is still home, it is  a place to belong and it is that place where we fit in perfectly.

Family is knowing that no one could ever take your place. It is that spot where you are completely irreplaceable. It is that sweet place where you belong in all of your heart and personality and spunk; where you get to be unashamedly yourself every single day.

It is  where you are loved and known. You are seen exactly as you are with your greatness and with your darkness. And no matter what, you’re never given up on, never pushed away, never forgotten, never denied.

Family is that look between a husband and wife, a glance between a brother and sister, a wink between a dad and a son. It is silly conversations and jokes that don’t make sense and laughter that goes into the night. It is family vacations and swimming until our legs grow tired and conversations with hard questions. It is learning from one another and trying new things and getting up every single day to love again. It is wonder and it is thanks and it is beautiful.

We don’t choose our family but we do get to choose to open our hearts wide to receive from them and to love them with our entire gushing hearts.

See what makes family a powerful force isn’t that we share last names or that we come around the same dinner table every night. What makes families powerful is that in an age of so many choices, we keep choosing each other.

The bond between parents Aimee & Steve and sisters Alex, Ella, Kate & Abby is already so strong. They all genuinely love each other, and it shows through in these images. You'll find Aimee & Steve's previous family session here.