The Important Milestones Every Mama Should Capture

There is no wrong time to capture memories or to book a photoshoot, and babies are beautiful at any stage in life. There are, however, many important stages and milestones that are especially photo-worthy. Here are some of the precious moments that you'll wish you captured earlier.

1. During Pregnancy

Not only do you want to capture all the important moments after your baby is born. You also want to capture everything before! Your pregnancy is the very first thing you want to have. Why would you not want to hold close to you such a beautiful part of your life? Sure, you'll probably be beyond exhausted, but a little makeover and a relaxed studio environment can make you forget that. Having a maternity session will allow you to look back and remember when you brought new life into this world.


2. Newborn

Newborns change so drastically, so it's probably best to book a shoot when your baby is only about one or two weeks old. You'll want close ups of little details including toes, fingers, lips, and hair. You'll also want images of them curled up, sleeping, yawning, and just being themselves.


3. Three months & six months

After just a few months, your baby will be starting to lift their head. They'll also have more emotions and personality. They'll be laughing, smiling, and crawling around. Capture your baby anywhere from 3-8 months old. Give them little toys to play with and activities to do. Seeing them figure things out will make for excellent images. The best photos are natural and not posed, so keep the camera going and try to take as many candid images as you can!


4. One Year

After about one year, you'll probably notice that your baby is starting to walk or even run. You'll want to capture this special milestone by having a little celebration. This could mean going to a favourite family place like a park or beach, or just playing fun games together. Do anything that will result in genuine emotions and expressions.


5. Keep Going!

Never stop taking pictures of your little ones. Even if they're not so little anymore. Each moment should be celebrated, even if it's not a special milestone. Capture your kiddos doing everyday activities, playing with siblings or friends, and having fun. Whatever you do, never stop creating memories for your children.


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