The Lincoln Community Midwives

Choosing to use a midwife for all of my pregnancies was easy. They encouraged home births, but also delivered in the hospital if that's what I needed or prefered. They answered all my questions, about epidurals or trying with no meds at all. They met with me, got to know me, and literally helped me every step of the way.

I didn't realize how much I needed these kind, gentle and knowledgeable ladies until after my baby arrived. They inspired me, pushed me and cared for me.

You know, the people we surround ourselves with matter. During pregnancy and after, who we choose to fill our life with matters. Keep people close to you who encourage you, who challenge you and who call out the greatness that God has put inside of you. And let’s strive to be those people. The people who inspire and encourage, who challenge and call greatness out in whoever we see. Let’s be people who listen more than we talk, who fight for hearts more than we  complain, who make time to see people just as they are and love them Right there. Just as they are.

The midwives do this for mamas every day. xo

Here's a new pregnancy and newborn display I just put up at the Lincoln Community Midwives office.