The Lullaby


We've Been Singing Since Before You Were Born

There is a lullaby that we sing over you, baby.

It is a song of love and hope and dreaming big. It is song that keeps our hearts in our throats because of our adoration for you. It is a song that we sing over you every time we cradle you, every time we hold you, every time we feed you, every time your name sits like a gift upon our lips.

Ever since we found out we were pregnant, that you were coming and growing inside of my belly, this lullaby began. It has been growing and roaring loudly inside of our souls.

And it is one that will never stop. As you grow and you get bigger and you discover more and more of life, the lullaby continues.

Because our love for you only grows deeper and bigger and wider.

It is unstoppable.

About This Newborn Session

Stephanie and Pierric just welcomed their very first baby into the world. Introducing Nathan, the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He's cuddly, content, and curious. He was born in the St Catharines General Hospital with the help of the wonderful Niagara Midwives.

They chose Reflections of Life because they wanted images that were simple, classic, elegant and Stephanie loved that fact that I don't use props. She wanted the focus on her baby. That what I love, so that's just what we did.

This French family loves travelling the world, going for hikes, dining out and skating. I'm sure Nathan will be up for those things just as soon as he can put one foot in front of the other. :)

Makeup and wardrobe by our lovely stylist, Christine.

Here's their gorgeous album design.