The Pictures We Take Tell A Story

 Niagara family photographer Karen Byker specializes in portraits that show true connection and love

The Pictures We Take Tell A Story

If we sat down to scroll through our phones or we wandered our way through old photo albums and frames, we’d find a story. We would find a story of what matters to us and what we value, who we care about and who we are. We would find, caught in the blank space and the pauses and the light, a story that we are crafting.

I think photography is a celebration and that what we take images of speaks to what we celebrate. People bring out their cameras at big milestone celebrations. Things like weddings, birthdays and new beautiful babies. But I think if we were to take a look through even just our phones, we’d also find the little things we celebrate. The laughter of our children, the beauty of the world and the things that light up our hearts with passion.

And so what if we saw photography, not just a keepsake but also as a celebration? What if we knew that as we take the time to capture that beauty, that it was a statement of what's important?

Your family is deserving of celebration. The looks that you give one another, the connection you carry, the joy that you share, the intimacy you have. The relationship that is sprawled upon cheeks and glowing in your eyes is worthy of a party. And capturing those images, finding someone who can do that for you, is a worthy investment.

What we celebrate, we always gain more of. Celebrate your family. Celebrate your love. Celebrate your laughter.

Tell a story that counts.

About This Family Session

Marianne and Carter have been clients of mine for many years now. This time we planned to document Portia's one year photos. But we didn't stop there - we also captured their love and connection to each other as a family.

Ryder, Aidan and Portia are busy little ones, but their casual, fun parents are totally ok with that. They're amazing at listening to their needs and making them feel special and loved. They all love to spend time together at the park and playing outside.