The Wait

The Wait-Niagara Maternity Photography.jpg

You're Absolutely Worth The Wait

There is something about the waiting that feels holy and sacred. It is almost as if I pause for just a moment, I can feel God breathing as He forms their little lives and small frames right here, right inside of me.

I catch myself in moments leaning back, closing my eyes, feeling the pitter-pattering of my heartbeat inside my chest knowing that yours exists there too. I somehow imagine you wait for it as if it has become the anthem to your existence, the lullaby that makes you feel safe.

It is like I can hear the hush of heaven, the collision of heaven and earth as you enter the world, growing and making your mark.

It is a holy thing. It is a sacred thing. It is a pure thing to carry you here and to wait for your arrival.

And this is what I know, that even before I see you, before I touch your face, before I hold you in my arms, you my love are perfect.

About This Maternity Session

Jennifer is a soon-to-be mom of three! She grew up on a farm and spent most of her summers helping her father drive the tractor. Now she spends her days bringing the little ones for family walks of scenic drives.

Jenn wanted to do these session to create some lasting memories of this special time in her life.

I can't wait to meet the rest of her family, and of course this little one! Check back for an update as her baby is arriving very soon. :)

Hair & makeup by the lovely Christine, long sleeve lace dress and lace scarf borrowed from the studio wardrobe.

And her gorgeous album design: