These Help Me Create Powerful Images Of Your Family

Natural photography. What does that mean? It means getting together with a photographer that you trust to pull out the real you, the candid you. And to make that happen in a genuine way, connecting with you is a priority to me.

Whether you prefer to come to the studio or chat over the phone, I’m here for you.

I want to get to know you and your vision for the session. Together we can create something beautiful that you’ll hold as treasure for years to come. These two questions help me to create powerful images of your family.

What do you want to make sure we capture during your session?

There may be specific things that are really important for you to have documented. Maybe a specific number of images with certain people. Maybe it's highlighting connection between your family. Do you want to include specific props like that blanket your little one doesn’t go anywhere without? Maybe the way your kids play together or the way your newborn snuggles into you or the way you laugh.

Knowing these things puts us on the same page in the same vision and that is the perfect place for us to be.

How do you plan to use the images from our session?

Maybe you’d like to use the images to frame in your home or put them in an album on your coffee table. Maybe you’d like to use them as head shots for your business or website. Maybe you’d like to simply use them digitally or place them on your Christmas card. Maybe you want to use them on other products as gifts or just simply for yourself. Knowing this helps me be intentional. It helps me create images that are cohesive and powerful.

Let’s create something stunning together for you and your family.

The fall calendar is now open. There may be room for your family too. Find more info here.


Client Testimonial

“I can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of us right from the beginning of this process. Taking memorable family photos can be a daunting process but you took all the guess work out of the process. Your kind emails walked us through every step of the process weeks before we even had our scheduled time together ensured that we had the right clothes and the right frame of mind when we did finally meet. I am so grateful that you care enough about your customers to spend so much time up front so that we get the pictures we want. Thank you!” - Kerrin Norman

Hey there mama, I'm Karen Byker. I live in my hometown of Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. I photograph through all the stages motherhood - pregnancy, newborn, toddler and children well into their teen years.

I am a mother of four that understands what it’s like to be busy, but I've learned how to embrace and enjoy the beauty of it.

I have helped hundreds of mamas to slow down and create artwork so they can remember these special times. Let's chat about documenting the beauty through your chaos.