To Those Who Inspire Us And Don't Even Know It

Let’s face it, we’ve all been critical of who we are. It is hard sometimes to feel confident if you are living in chaos. Some female entrepreneurs are balancing young families and careers we love. Some are just trying to get through each day making the people around us happy. There isn’t usually time for ourselves. We don't make getting our hair done a priority or take long luxurious baths or even go on date nights. And so we look back in the mirror at those tired faces and think “I could do better.” But you know what?

We don’t see the people who are inspired by us.

A few weeks ago I got together with some friends to create new head shots for each other. What began with a simple idea soon turned into an experience I hadn’t expected. We photographed each other while giggling, smiling, and flipping our hair playfully. We were nervous in front of the camera but did it anyway. We encouraged each other and laughed through it all. I don’t think any of us realized it, but we each had such a different perspective when photographing. And when I looked at those images afterward, I was in awe. There is so much talent in our community!

Every single one of these women inspire me.

Every one of these women is so truly beautiful, smart, kind and unique. They are always available if I need help with something, or if I have questions about our industry. I believe in community over competition. I’m so happy to be a part of this group of Niagara Newborn Photographers.

So here’s to the women around us who inspire us without even knowing it.

Here are some behind the scenes images from the day taken by Rachel Limbeer and myself, and some my personal favourite head shots of each of us.

Karen - Reflections of Life Photography (These lovely images by Kayla Zuidersma)

Karen’s Gear: Nikon D750, Nikon 50mm 1.4, Sigma 35mm 1.4, Nikon 60mm 2.8, Nikon 70-200mm 2.8, Expodisc
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I'm Karen Byker. I grew up in Ontario, Canada. I live in my hometown of Grimsby and I'm obsessed with newborn baby yawns, giggling kids and fancy flavoured tea.

I'm a mother of four that understands the overwhelm of every day, but I've learned how to embrace and enjoy the beauty of it. I believe it’s possible to enjoy this busy life we chose.

I've been a professional newborn and family photographer since 2005. I’ve helped hundreds of mamas to slow down, pause and use photography as a reminder to take a breath. Let's chat about documenting the beauty through your chaos.