5 Ways To Create More Joy In Your Life

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I'm focusing on what I can do this year that will create more joy in my life, and I thought you may find this list helpful as you bring in the new year too.

Joy is contagious. There is something about joy that when we see it on another face and when we hear it in another’s giggles, it gets in our bones and bubbles up and before we know it, we’ve caught the joy too. And I think there is a way to create such a standard of joy in our lives where we are able to live out of it, always.

Because true joy doesn’t come from any specific situation, true joy starts and ends in the soul.

1. Stay thankful. 

We always have so very much to be thankful for. It is found in the fabric of our relationships, in the beds we snuggle into at night and the things that make us realize just how big God is. When we have eyes to see the amazing in our lives, that is a powerful gift. Be thankful. Celebrate the small things. Remember that every single day is a gift.

2. Know what gives you joy and do more of those things.

We all have little things that bring light to our hearts and so very often, they are very unique to us. We have the things that inspire us, we have things that light us up and we have things that fill us up. Whether it is art, the movies, flowers, nature — whatever brings you joy, do more of those things. Permission granted.

3. Laugh. Lots.

Fill your life with laughter. Watch funny movies, read books that make you laugh or spend time with people who tell stories that make you spit up water. Sometimes even just making yourself laugh for ten seconds can change your entire countenance.

4. Exercise.

We all know movement brings endorphins. Exercise doesn’t have to be this heavy thing, but it can be something that brings so much more joy into our lives! Know what you love and what you love to do and do more of that whether it is dancing, running around with your kids or speed-walking! Make it happen.

5. Be full of purpose. 

There is nothing like the joy that comes when you’re doing what you feel like you were made to do and when you are walking out your purpose.

Joy is not just for special occasions. Joy is for the every-day. Joy is found in the mundane, in the simple, in the details, in the raw and the honest moment. Joy is sometimes confetti and cheering, but other days joy is the simple decision to see life is a gift.

About This Maternity Session

This is my second session with Bryan and Allison, with the last being this gorgeous newborn photo shoot from 2016.

Bryan surprised his beautiful wife Allison with a morning at the spa and a maternity & family session to follow. He's the professional photographer behind the lens at Bryan Caporicci Photography and the founder of Sprout Studio, the software I use every day in my business. It is always an honour when a friend allows me to document their family milestones, but it's extra special when that friend is so talented!

Life is about to get busier for older siblings Ava and Benjamin. but their parents are taking it one day at a time. They make it look easy, and beautiful.

Congratulations again, Bryan & Allison. I can't wait to photograph your new little one once he or she arrives. <3


"Karen has done 2 sessions with my family, 1 newborn and 1 maternity/family, plus 1 upcoming newborn session when our little one arrives! Not only are Karen's photos beautiful but she makes the experience feel easy, relaxed and special from start to finish. Her home studio is the perfect environment to capture moments. The lighting, music, wardrobe availability and toys for the kids makes the experience so enjoyable. Karen is wonderful to work with and is very calming and patient. We absolutely loved every aspect of our sessions with Karen and the memories we made during the sessions and the final images are ones we will cherish forever." - Allison Caporicci