We're Here For A Purpose

We're here for a purpose Niagara Newborn Photographer.jpg

We're here for a purpose.

There is something about watching a baby sleep that reminds me of purpose. There are so many of us who live our lives seeing purpose as busyness, activity and doing-doing-doing. But for babies, they have so much purpose in their sleeping and in their resting.

Over time, we forget that. We forget the purpose that comes when we are still, when we rest and when we are restored in body, soul and spirit.

There is something about letting ourselves completely unravel and unfold; whether we are having good sleep through the night or we are taking a few minutes here and there to just be.

Rest is necessary to our growth. Rest is necessary to our purpose.

About This Newborn & Family Session

Amanda and Peter have just welcomed little Emily into this world. Their older son's name is Samuel, and he's been wonderful with little Emily from day one. He was calm and content during the session, and was able to stay for most of it. As a family, their favourite things to do are to eat and to cook. :)

They contacted me because they wanted professional portraits of their newborn baby girl, as they know how fleeting this time in her life is.

Wardrobe and makeup by our amazing stylist, Christine.

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